Bring Pet Simulator X collection to the real world with minifigures, collector clips, plushies, bundles, and more!

DLC BONUS w/ MERCH: Official merch that comes with DLC codes can be redeemed for in-game rewards.

When you purchase official PSX Merch, you can earn:

  • Exclusive Pets and Exclusive HUGE Pets
  • PLUS: achievements, hoverboard skins, diamonds (currency), and other misc game rewards
  • BONUS: If you are super lucky, your exclusive pets can be upgraded to Golden and Rainbow variants

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The Pet Simulator X DLC system is now LIVE!

Redeeming a DLC code will unlock in-game virtual items for the Roblox account you use to play Pet Simulator X. This DLC is only available for Pet Simulator X, not any other version of Pet Simulator.

WARNING: The DLC code is one-time use. Once redeemed, the DLC items are tied to your account permanently. Items cannot be transferred to another account. Codes can be re-used in future games! Do NOT share your code with anyone!


1. Find the Pet Simulator X DLC code that came with your toy.

2. Gently scratch off to reveal your code.

3. Log-in to the Roblox account on which you wish to redeem the DLC, and launch Pet Simulator X.
This is a one-time use code, and will permanently be tied to this account. Codes can be re-used in future games! Do NOT share your code with anyone!

4. While in-game, enter the Shop by clicking the bottom-center button on your screen.

5. Click the Exclusive Shop button in the Shop Menu (second button to the right).

6. In the Exclusive Shop, click the Redeem Game Codes! banner. Try scrolling to the bottom of the shop if you can't find the banner.

7. Enter your code in the Redeem Merch Code! pop-up that appears, then click Redeem!.

8. The game will then issue the reward(s) to your account!


To get DLC rewards, simply purchase official Pet Simulator X merchandise that contains DLC Tokens (see Collector's Guide) from any Official Retailer listed below. Merch that comes with DLC Tokens have a scratch-off section that reveals the DLC code. Redeem the code in-game (see Redeem DLC) and enjoy your in-game rewards!


Your One-Stop Shop For All PSX Merch:

Other Official Retailers:



4 pets and 1 huge pet to collect!
  • 98% for exclusive pet
  • 2% for huge exclusive pet


4 pets and 2 huge pets to collect!
  • 96% for exclusive pet
  • 4% for huge exclusive pet


5 pets and 2 huge pets to collect!
  • 90% for exclusive pet
  • 10% for huge exclusive pet


4 pets and 3 huge pets to collect!
  • 80% for exclusive pet
  • 20% for huge exclusive pet


7 huge pets to collect!
  • 100% for huge exclusive pet


  • 100% for unique exclusive pet
  • Valued at ~$500+ USD

*Exclusive Pets and Huge Exclusive Pets have a 10% chance to be upgraded to golden, and a 2% chance to be upgraded to rainbow.

*Rewards upon opening and redeeming also include achievements, hoverboard skins, diamonds (currency), and other misc game rewards.